Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meows, Mutts, & Margaritas

Meows, Mutts, & Margaritas
A fundraiser for the Laguna Madre Humane Society specifically to help treat dogs that are heartworm positive & need treatment right away!

The surfboard donated by Island Native & painted by my fabulous mother, beth that was raffled off at the fundraiser!!

my party shoes :)

aunt cathy selling the raffles tickets

 shane wilson & mom

mom & chrissy

♥ a few of the wonderful people that shed their blood, sweat, & tears to help save an animals life! &hearts

shane wilson & ed meza

 3 generations ♥

 chris, rod, & i

chrissy & mom
dad & abba

 laura & george

chrissy & i
rita, chris, & i

pelican west

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is definitely here!!!

Texas heat is in full effect!!!!

lucy helped us get ready for meows, mutts, & margaritas!!!

♥ count your blessings!!! ♥

surf dog lucy and her bf kenna

My art on display at Palmetto Mercado
1817 Padre Blvd. #2

lucy's swimming lesson

lucy is ready for the summer!
my family ♥

May 19, 2011
Art Mercado Opening ~ South Padre Island
my mom & i

World Lupus Day - May 10
♥ Remembering Yvonne Marie Hernandez ♥

Gone but never forgotten!

lucy & her favorite guy

sweet lil c

♥ Lucy enjoying Cinco de Mayo ♥

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