Monday, July 25, 2011

Sometimes you choose a dog, sometimes a dog chooses you!

My mother Beth Fedigan, recently took on the role as President of the Laguna Madre Humane Society. My mother has always been a huge animal lover and growing up in the country we took in any stray or hurt animals from turtles to dogs, cats, and even grackles.

Anyway, as a favor to her I agreed to foster a little black dog she brought home the shelter. He stayed with me for two nights and made himself at home right away.
Saturday morning during Memorial weekend he got out of my moms car at her house and darted down the street. My family and friends formed a searched party quickly and looked for him for 4 hours!!! He made it across the main boulevard and was only spotted once on the beach quite a ways away. This was not how our family get together was supposed to work out! :/

Four days later to my suprise, look who showed back up at my condo!?!?!?

I think Spike had decided that day where he wanted his forever home to be!

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